Performance Artist Database is a project to study the development of artistic movements and mediums through the use of quantitative network analysis. By arranging artists and their interactions into an interconnected network we can discover new or overlooked narratives. This site organizes and provides an interface to explore that data.

A second facet of the project is to rethink how we organize and recall ephemeral art history. Web technology allows a Microhistory approach where each event is singular and rich, but can be recalled through a larger temporal, geographic and social network.

The final aspect of this project is an experiment in linked data. The structure of the system is organized internally based on linked data practices enabling it to interconnect and share data with external sources.

The information is divided into performance communities. Currently, the only community loaded is the Fluxus (1960-) movement.

Created by Matthew Miller in conjunction with his History of Art Master’s Thesis at Pratt Institute.

View thesis and final network renders.